• Alice Rawsthorne

    Yves St Laurent

    It was the Graham Nash song Marrakech Express that took me to Marrakech, but it was Yves St Laurent which made the more lasting impact. Just before going out there, I…

  • Tagine in Marrakech

    Cooking a Tagine in Marrakech

    I want to write about my experience at a cooking school in Marrakech, but there are two things that are holding me back. Firstly, the most notable aspect of the class…

  • Marrakech

    All Riads lead to Marrakech

    Marrakech is one of those places I’ve wanted to visit for almost as long as I can remember, and yet I’ve waited until my 5th decade to do so. It was…

  • sunset
    Holiday suggestions Travel

    It’s more fun

    It’s more fun in the Philippines…… the official tag line of the Department of Tourism for the Philippines. And they are right. There is just so much to see and do…

  • Holiday suggestions Travel

    Cruising for Beginners

    I’ve always had reservations about cruising as a holiday destination, but those reservations have been founded on a basic ignorance of what is involved in a cruise. My preconceptions included that…

  • Photography

    Owls and more Owls

      I recently spent a most enjoyable day at Eclipse Falconry (www.eclipsefalconry.co.uk) on a photography day organised by Scott Latham. I had wanted to shoot some birds of prey for ages,…

  • Travel

    White Beach, Puerto Galera

    It was difficult for me to choose which beach to hit while on a short trip to the Philippines: there are so many. However, I needed to be within easy reach…

  • Uncategorized

    First Day in the Philippines

    Stepping out into the early morning Manila heat and smells, pretty much the first thing that hits you is the traffic. Hits you figuratively speaking hopefully, but there’s a good chance…